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Nov 21, 2021 05:00 PM - 06:50 PM(America/Chicago)
20211121T1700 20211121T1850 America/Chicago Producing Professionals: Musicological Study as Preparation for Diverse Careers (AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues & AMS Pedagogy Study Group) AMS 2021
Producing Professionals: Musicological Study as Preparation for Diverse Careers
Committee 05:00 PM - 06:50 PM (America/Chicago) 2021/11/21 23:00:00 UTC - 2021/11/22 00:50:00 UTC

Research and scholarly writing have long been positioned at the center of academic musicology, so it comes as no surprise that much of higher ed music history curricula remain devoted to celebrating musicology as a learned discipline. That devotion, however, comes with a cost. Musicological training at the undergraduate and graduate levels remains rooted in a knowledge vacuum disconnected from public forums and policy arenas. At the same time, the careers of 21st-century music scholars increasingly extend far beyond academic walls, and often beyond the performing arts. As we look to future roles and employment for all music scholars, how do we rebalance the priorities of our curricula to reflect professional realities? How do we broaden the scope of music scholarship and teaching to meet the changing demands of music careers?

This roundtable features a discussion between teachers, scholars, and administrators on the potential for musicology classrooms to support students in their professional aspirations. Participants working in academic, for-profit, and non-profit contexts will reflect on the relevant skill sets that undergraduate and graduate students already develop in their musicological studies. We will also address how changes to current music history/musicology curricula could better situate students to find jobs after they graduate. Following brief position papers and a response paper, roundtable participants will engage attendees in a collaborative effort to generate and share resources aimed at supporting teachers and students interested in learning more about musicologically-inflected careers outside of academia.

Tiffany Kuo
Louis Epstein
St Olaf College
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