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Nov 12, 2021 05:00 PM - 06:50 PM(America/Chicago)
20211112T1700 20211112T1850 America/Chicago Musicology and the Pandemic: Precarity, Care, Equity (AMS Committee on the Annual Meeting) AMS 2021
Musicology and the Pandemic: Precarity, Care, Equity
Committee 05:00 PM - 06:50 PM (America/Chicago) 2021/11/12 23:00:00 UTC - 2021/11/13 00:50:00 UTC

The foreseeable future will involve healing, understanding, and learning from the experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. How have our lives and work, our thinking, our teaching, our aspirations, our future possibilities been transformed? This session, sponsored by the Committee on the Annual Meeting, brings together speakers from a range of career stages/paths to reflect on the futures of musicology in light of the pandemic. Jason Geary chairs this session, featuring Georgiary Bledsoe, William Cheng, Sophia Enriquez, and Sarah Hankins as panelists. The event is designed to elicit audience participation, and attendees will be encouraged to speak to the challenges and opportunities of this moment.

Ethics of care

William Cheng has encouraged us to "envision musicology as all the activities, care, and caregiving of people who identify as members of the musicology community." In a time when many of us have assumed increased caretaking responsibilities, how might we respond to the ethics of care and compassion in new ways? What strategies, professional and personal, do we wish to develop in a post-pandemic future? What responsibilities and needs have assumed greater significance, and how might we seek to address them as individuals and as a community?

Equity and resources

The pandemic has further intensified inequalities along lines such as race, gender, disability, and social class. Academic institutions and independent scholarsface greater precarity. Meanwhile, we have all had to grapple with the digital divide and fault lines in our systems, across and beyond our educational systems. In what ways might we seek to meet these challenges and support one another? How might we address issues of equity and inclusion in an environment where resources, access, and opportunity remain under threat?

Pedagogical practices

The pandemic has led many teachers to make and unmake our pedagogical practices and understandings of academic labor. How have approaches to teaching or learning changed or transformed? In what ways might encounters with remote or hybrid teaching continue to inform your future pedagogy? How can we balance the values of more accessible and creative pedagogies with the need for sustainable practices and humane workloads?

Jason Geary
Rutgers University
Georgiary Bledsoe
BaobaoTree Learning
William Cheng
Dartmouth College
Sofia Enriquez
Duke University
Sarah Hankins
UC San Diego
Charles Garrett
University Of Michigan
BaobaoTree Learning
Duke University
Dartmouth College
Rutgers University
UC San Diego
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